Members' Comments

I have been a member of the Sivananda School of Yoga for 13 years now and it has been an oasis in a spiritual desert for me and all who attend. The High philosophy expounded by Swami Ishwaramayanandaji has been most valuable in helping me view life and all it's trials in a very different way. His deep wisdom and Swami Karunanadaji's loving compassion have been an inspiration, a comfort and a guiding light. There is also a very special kinship amongst those who attend the classes. Over the years I have seen how much attending classes and seeking council from the Swamis have helped so many of my friends and family. If you are a sincere seeker, or even just someone who experiences the stresses and perplexities of life, this school could be of tremendous benefit to you.
Daniella Renzon

The Yoga school represents a wholesome reprieve from the madding crowd, a place of tranquility, a place to physically and spiritually rebalance.
Robin Wagner
Senior Consultant

Sivananda is more than just a Yoga School, the entire spiritual experience is unique and fulfilling.  A beautiful energy is to be felt the moment you step into the comfortable and peaceful Ashram.  In addition to Yoga classes, we are blessed with the valuable Vedic philosophy teachings of Swami Ishwara and the calm centredness of meditations with Swami Karuna and much more.  It's an overall spiritual experience not just a yoga class!
Karen Kolozsvari
TV Producer

The Sivananda School of Yoga is the true gold in the city of Johannesburg. I feel blessed and privileged to be a member of this ashram. It is an oasis and my spiritual home.
Justine Loots
Writer, director and documentary maker

We are privileged to enjoy atmosphere profoundly conducive to spiritual inquiry, an extremely high calibre of mature, wise, non-dogmatic teachers to guide us in this inquiry, and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere that serves many as a genuine Community, in the ancient sense of the word. And for some, and for me, this is a real-life "cave" for the yogi who strives in yearning quest for the Infinite.
Marc Loon
Aspirant Yogi

We have been attending the Sivananda School of Yoga for over 10 years now.  Swami Ishwaramayananda is our Guru and Swami Karunananda our Spiritual Mother. We regularly attend all the classes at the School and have found that they have transformed our lives. In particular, we have gained much strength and guidance from the Philosophy of the Masters classes with Swami Ishwaramayananda and the Meditation and Relaxation classes with Swami Karunananda. Thanks to Swami Ishwaramayananda and Swami Karunananda the Sivananda School of Yoga is a truly remarkable place.
Jann and Lee
Resident sadhaks & small business owners

The philosophy expounded at the Sivananda School of Yoga has, after a long search, given me insight into the nature of man's suffering and ways of going beyond suffering to find lasting peace and joy regardless of our circumstances.
The rarely found loving, sincere and trustworthy guidance given by Swami's Ishwarananda and Karunananda has kept me coming back to the school week in and week out for over 6 years and has enriched my life in every possible aspect. Will keep coming back!
Frances Fleming
Medical practitioner

Over the last 6 years the Sivananda School of Yoga has become a spiritual haven for me. As you enter the School you experience an overwhelming feeling of peace and love as the cares and tensions of the world fall away from you.
Swami Ishwaramayanandaji's philosophy classes and his discourses in Satsang are both thought provoking and enlightening while Swami Karunanandaji's meditation classes are extremely special. I endeavour not to miss a Satsang and go to the philosophy and meditation classes whenever I can.
I would like to thank Swami Ishwaramayanandaji and Swami Karunanandaji for their unending love and guidance over the years.
Val Millroy
Senior BI Consultant

The Sivananda School of Yoga has brought meaning to our lives.
Guru Govind donu khade, kisko laagu paay, Balihari Gurudevaki jinhe Govind diyo bataay.  The Guru and Govind-God, are present before me, to whom shall I bow down first? Glory to the Guru since he showed me Govind.
We are honoured to be family members of the Sivananda School of Yoga.

Anil, Jayshree, Darshana and Namita Patel