Classes Offered At The School

Yoga is the supreme spiritual science of the mystic – eternal, comprehensive and self-sufficient. Its origins are lost in pre-history, and we believe that is has always been practised by advanced members of society who have recognised it as our divinely intended, evolution-promoting, way of life.


The practices of Yoga integrate the whole being. Yoga does not define body and mind as separate but recognises both as an integrated entity. The Yogi begins to understand the ‘connectivity’ of the entire universe through his or her experience of the essential unity of the different aspects of the self and, by extension, all creation.

Yoga has two broad divisions which overlap and interpenetrate:  HATHA, the ‘outer, basic' and TANTRA, the ‘inner, advanced’ curriculum. These are expounded in satsang (association with truth) on Saturdays and Sundays, and in discourses on the philosophy of the masters on Mondays.


Hatha is a basic, preparatory ingredient of Yoa which consists of Asana (postures); Pranayama (life-force control via breathing techniques); Bandha (energy locks); Kriya (cleansing processes); and Mudra (energy-directing poses and gestures). Many yogis include Hatha in their sadhana (spiritual curriculum).

Most westerners associate Yoga with Hatha, the aspect of Yoga which begins with the physical being.  However, the primary goal of Hatha is to ultimately transcend the perceived limitations of the body in order to set the mind free. Yoga asanas (postures) actually balance the chemicals of the brain which naturally facilitates enhanced mental functioning.

The Purpose of Hatha

Hatha is intended to facilitate the yogi's quest for God-realisation, the attainment of which is, ultimately, Yoga's only purpose.
Notwithstanding Hatha's mental and emotional side-benefits, general well-being – physical, mental and emotional – should be regarded as a prerequisite rather than an effect of Hatha. Hatha's purpose is to improve the yogi's control of vital energy, whereby the brain and mind may be calmed; thus facilitating the advanced inner practices of Pratyhara (abstraction of attention and energy), Dharana (concentration) and Dhyana (meditation). 

Dress & Equipment for Hatha

Wear whatever you can stretch in easily and work on a Yoga mat or narrow towel.

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Satsang (‘true association’; ‘association with truth’) is our devotional meeting wherein yogis explore in fellowship the intellectual, esoterical and mystical aspects of Yoga and its underlying philosophy, often at the feet of their guru, who might discourse and answer questions. Satsang is open to your friends. It includes singing, chanting, readings, a discourse, prayer, and arathi (light-waving ceremony) followed by prasad (consecrated food). To advance in Yoga, attend satsang, and Philosophy and Meditation classes.


Classes in Vedantic philosophy and meditation take place on Monday evenings from 17h30 to 19h00. These classes are led by Swami Isvaramayanandaji Maharaj, mystic, esotericist and spiritual leader of the Sivananda School of Yoga. They are extremely popular as Swamiji has a wonderful way of communicating the loftiest spiritual concepts to seekers of all levels of understanding.

The Philosophy expounded in the Vedas is the foundation of Indo-Egyptian religion, from which all of the world’s great religions are descended.  It is the knowledge of the ancient mystery schools – about: life before and after death; karma and reincarnation; the sacred meditation technique of mystics and initiates; expansion of consciousness and the siddhis (psychic faculties), and very much more. It is still known to the masters, and expounded for sincere seekers.


Sessions include training and practice of Meditation and Distant Healing, and Japa (mantra repetition) – an essential ingredient of advanced Yoga practice. Your questions about the Mystic Philosophy of the Masters and anything whatsoever to do with Yoga and its traditions are invited.

Yoga Nidra – "Aware Sleep of the Yogi" is a very advanced practice, second only to meditation, in which occultists connect with subliminal levels of consciousness. In mystery religions, candidates were initiated via Yoga Nidra. Regular practice may eveuntually lead to déjà vu visions, "flashbacks" and other enlightening experiences. For safety, advanced solitary practice should be under expert guidance.


Please note that these classes are always in recess during the months of June, July and August.

Mantra Repetition and Meditation

Japa (Mantra Repetition), the occult science of repeating mystical sound formulae, is an essential, indispensable part of Tantra, the inner sadhana (spiritual curriculum) of the advanced yogi. We teach it in our Meditation and Philosophy sessions.  Those who are accepted for initiation into the guru-disciple relationship are given a personal mantra and taught the sacred meditation technique.

Meditation is the yogi’s supreme practice.  All other practices constitute the yogi’s ongoing preparation and conditioning for meditation. Only meditation can lead to enlightenment, and without meditation there is, literally, no Yoga.  The sacred technique is imparted during Mantra Diksa (initiation).


Yoga means ‘union’ (with God). The only objective of Yoga is God-realisation: a state of enlightenment-and-liberation referred to by all masters, but known only to mystics. Only meditation by the right method can lead to God-realisation, Yoga's only purpose. God-realisation is the only salvation.


Mantra Diksa is available to those who have proved their sincerity. Many of your fellow yogis at the Sivananda Centre are disciples of a guru. At their initiation they resolved to:- be vegetarians for life, avoid overindulgence; abstain from non-medicinal use of drugs, pray for the welfare of others; repeat their mantras and meditate as instructed; live charitably within their means. All initiation includes entry to the spiritual family and lineage of Paramgurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj.


Spiritual (Psychic) Healing is available by private appointment. 

Inspirational Counselling is available by private appointment, only to those who have been bereaved and traumatised by a recent event.

A minimum donation is invited for these services.