Justine Loots

Justine teaches a relaxing but energizing Friday evening class, focusing on conscious awareness both while holding the postures and in between.  Her favourite asana is Sirsasana, the headstand, but you won’t have to do it in your first class!

Helen Rudham

Helen is a deep meditator and an inspired teacher.

Her sweet and serene manner makes for a gentle but focused class.

Jenny Jones

The divine Mrs. Jones (Jenny) is a schoolteacher by profession.  Accustomed as she is to teaching kindergarten, you’ll find her style nurturing and encouraging.  Jenny guides her Yoga class with gentleness, patience and skill.  But like all the finest teachers, she’s also a gentle perfectionist who helps you to “do your best”.

Jann Walker

With her husband, Lee, Jann is a resident sadhak, committee member and teacher at the Sivananda School.  She has a degree in Psychology and very easily reads her students minds – which means you will get exactly the wonderful class you want! (‘So tell me – how does that make you feel?’) Jann’s sunny classes are filled with energy and her own happy, caring vibration.

Jennifer Doyle

Jennifer’s degree is in the legal field but she most relishes exercising her brilliant mind in the mysteries of the great Vedantic teachings. The multi-talented Jennifer is a long-serving committee member and teacher at the Sivananda School and has undertaken vast gardening and other projects for the beautification of our centre. You’ll find yourself in expert hands as you gaze out at the trees and listen to the birds during her delightful classes.

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