Hatha Teachers

Teachers are selected from among the yoga school’s already experienced students, and then receive two years of “hands on” training in a scientifically designed curriculum advocated by our parent body, the Divine Life Society of India.  For more info on teacher training click here.

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Swami Isvaramayananda Saraswati

SWAMI ISVARAMAYANANDA SARASWATI, President, Chairman, and spiritual leader of the Sivananda School of Yoga, is a monk of the Holy Swami Order.  He was ordained in 1988 by His Holiness Pujya Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj, World President of the Divine Life Society of India.  Swami Isvaramayanandaji is an acknowledged expert in the mystical, philosophical and esoteric practices of Yoga.  His Vedantic discourses are truly brilliant and unique; in that they render advanced spiritual concepts understandable to spiritual seekers of all le

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Swami Karunananda Saraswati

SWAMI KARUNANANDA MATAJI is Vice Chairman and Secretary, and, like Swami Ishwaramayanandaji, a member of the Saraswati Order and a trustee of the Sivananda School of Yoga.  She teaches Hatha Yoga and guides even absolute beginners to inner states of peace and bliss in her Relaxation and Meditation classes.  Counselling of persons traumatised by the deaths of family members is Swami Karunananda’s special work and a steady stream of suffering humanity certainly testifies to the need for this service in South Africa today.

Frances Fleming

Frances is a medical doctor with a special interest in menopause and the alleviation of its associated problems and discomfort. She lived and was trained in an ashram in south India and has a wide knowledge of Hatha Yoga and Vedic philosophy. She is a student of Indian music and singing, and an occasional musician and reader in satsang at the Yoga Centre. You can enjoy the soothing cadence of her voice in her beautiful, expertly conducted classes.

Marc Loon

Marc Loon has a degree in engineering and a teacher's diploma. He is head of a primary school, and he also supports a mentorship programme for teenagers. At the ashram he is also known for his keen and zany sense of humour.

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