Mystic Philosophy Of The Masters

The Rationale

Immortal Atmaswarupa,

Because the process of rebirth renders you oblivious of your previous incarnations, you do not draw the conclusion that, after this lifespan, you will again be born, and yet again and again … for yet more rounds of diseases, injuries, anxieties, troubled relationships, bereavements, etcetera, and you are destined to remain in the cycle of rebirth until you learn how to raise your awareness,

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A True Spiritual Path

by Swami Ishwaramayananda

True Mysticism compared with Religion, Occultism and Intellectual Investigation

This statement is for advanced aspirants for its essential message is about a high state of enlightenment, essential for liberation from the cycle of reincarnation, and attained only by mystics. This state of consciousness, called God-realisation, is ignored in the religions which ori

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Freedom From Religious Authority, Superstition And Dogma

By Swami Ishwaramayananda

Insecurity rears its head in many ways, such as greed, embarrassment, anger and jealousy. It also reveals itself in the fears of those whose attitudes and thought processes are primitive, in that they fear non-conformity lest it undermine the protection which membership of a homogenous, uniform, harmonious society provides.

It follows that the smaller such a community, the more apparent will be its suspicion of free thought and the inclination to guard

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